Even though COVID-19 might not currently be a threat to our pets, there are plenty of infectious diseases that are, including the rabies virus or Lyme disease bacteria.

With prevention on everyone’s mind, here are a few precautions retailers can share with their community to help keep pets safe and healthy from common microbes.

1. Stay up to date on immunizations.

Everyone should get their vaccinations, including pets. It’s a really easy step owners can take in the fight against infectious diseases that can be devastating for pets like distemper, rabies, herpes and hepatitis.

2. Prevent tick and flea bites.

While flea and tick bites can simply cause discomfort for pets, they can also be carriers of deadly infections. Pet parents can prevent their pets from becoming hosts for these parasites by utilizing a veterinarian-recommended flea and tick medication.

3. Don’t let pets roam free.

Another common carrier of infectious disease: wild animals. Keep yo