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  • 🐶😻 ⛺️ This lightweight felt fabric modern pet home is a wonderful and cozy hideaway for your loved little ones. Shaped in a cone with an oval or window shaped opening, it includes an extra comfortable and warm cushion that is removable and machine washable.


  • 🐶😻⛺️ Zipper construction enables easy assembly and access throughout for cleaning including the interior. This home can be rolled up and placed into a convenient bag allowing you to carry a familiar spot for your little ones when traveling.


  • 🐶😻⛺️ The felt house is made with high quality and eco-friendly polyester. The warm and soft cushion is covered with berber fleece/ coral fleece and filled with 100% pure cotton which bring extra support and softness. Both parts are machine washable.


  • 🐶😻⛺️ Its simple and sophisticated design blends easily with your home decor. Various sizes are suitable for both cats and small or large dogs.


  • 🐶😻⛺️ Please carefully measure the size of your pets. There are two different sizes to choose from: M and L based on the size of your little ones. Cats and very small dogs (approx. 5 pounds) comfortably fit M caves, while slightly larger dogs (approx. 10 pounds ) will need L caves. Dogs that are larger than 15-20 pound may NOT fit.


  • 🐶😻⛺️ Dimensions: M - Height: 24" Diameter: 22.5" | L - Height: 27" Diameter: 26"

My Secret Cone Cave Premium Modern Cat/Dog & Small Animal Pet House Bed Condo

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