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Pull. Tug. Spin. Hours of INDOOR play!

Do you have an active dog? Needs to burn extra energy but can't always let them head outside to run it off? The Indoor Tether Tug is perfect for smaller dogs that need to exercise but can't always be outdoors! The toy mimics tug-o-war and fetch style play, keeping the dog engaged well past when their owners arms would wear out!

    Allows dog to pull, tug, and spin in one toy
    Great cardiovascular and mental stimulation for dogs
    Simulates tugging without hurting owner's arm
    Pole bends, flexes, and stretches as dog plays

Use it indoors, anywhere!

The base of the indoor Tether Tug can be used all over the house! Slip it under any heavy, legged furniture like a couch, dining table, bed, or under a door and watch your pup tug and play for hours! The base has "fins" that come up on each side to keep the toy in place during fiesty playtimes.

The INDOOR Tether Tug Dog Toy

  • all Redd Waggin products are made in the USA!

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