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I would like to introduce The Redd Waggin Pet Food Treat Truck!

This truck is the Original and First of it's kind in North Carolina.

Look for us at all pet-friendly events, as well as dog parks, festivals,pet-friendly communities, flea markets and more.

On the truck will be an extraodinary range of some the most unique and unexpected items for pets and their owners, with a strong focus on pet safety items.

The Redd Waggin Pet Food Truck will offer a wide variety of healthy all-natural wholesome gourmet bakery goods, gluten-free, organic pet treats and yogurt-base ice cream. You can even order your furbabies a birthday cake!

The Redd Waggin Pet Food Treat Truck will be available for booking at social events, fundraisers, pop-up markets, anywhere pets are welcome.

In our continued efforts to always give back and uplift our community a portion from all sales will go to helping deserving animal shelters and rescues.

Book us for your next event by emailing:

You can also track our truck by following us on Instagram and Twitter @reddwaggin

We're the truck worth chasing!

Thank you all.

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